We teach the principles of defensive driving, such as techniques taught in the SMITH system.
to ensure today’s drivers are prepared for the multiple hazards they may encounter on the road. 
DMV Test Preparation

We will help you apply for your driver's license and prepare you for your Florida's DMV examination. You will be given several practice tests questions, answers and explanations. This way, when you present the real test, you will be ready.

In-Car Private Lessons:

Driving lessons are given on a 1--1 setting by our experienced driving instructors.They will personalize your learning experience to get you behind the wheel in no time. Lessons are taught using our specially equipped vehicle.

Traffic School:

We offer clear and concise, state-certified traffic school courses via Internet, Video as well as traditional class setting. Our goal is to eliminate your license points as easy as possible while ensuring you continue to drive safely.


Impact of Texting While Driving on Your Driving Skills

The acts of composing, reading and sending the text messages and emails or making use of web world in similar other works on a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle are termed as texting while driving. It is considered as a dangerous practice by several authorities and dignitaries and has been restricted through law as a reason of various motor vehicle accidents as it distracts drivers on wheel.

The results of various surveys conducted nationwide had revealed that nearly 37% drivers get completely distracted due to texting while driving and 47% of teens had admitted to be distracted while texting behind the wheel. Dangers of using cell phone by the drivers were also admitted by 40% teens in America. In this shows the alarming dangers of distract driving. Another study on commercial vehicle drivers had revealed that the risk of accidents due to texting while driving has increased considerably even if the incidents of such texting are reported less.

The inclusion of text messaging plans in 2000 by most of the cell phone companies had popularized texting as a social event. The popularity of various ways of communication through smartphones and unmatched convenience of communicating through text messages has made texting more popular. But the problem arises when you prefer convenience over safety. It has been revealed through various researches that the distraction of the drivers is the main cause of various fatal accidents. Making calls, texting and using other interaction systems while driving can seriously distract the driver and increase the risk of accidents according to International Telecommunication Union.

The dangerous and unintended consequences due to the popularity of mobile devices may lead to loss of life. The data reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2010 had revealed that 18% of fatal accidents occurred due to driver distraction which killed 3092 people and injured 416,000. Pew survey revealed the admission of 40% teens who observed dangerous situations due to driver using cell phone while driving. The risk of crashes due to texting while driving increases 23 times according to The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. 11% of the drivers who survived from accidents, aged between 18-20years, had met accidents while texting on their mobile phones.